According to the latest news by Straits Time, three more people died of dengue fever adding the number to 19 deaths for the year as Singapore experiences an unprecedented outbreak here.
Those who died were age 49 to 92. Among those, 17 work in a dengue cluster or stayed there. A total of 20 people had died of dengue last year. Houses are fined $200 for the breeding of mosquitoes found in their homes, irrespective of the number of breeding habitats found. Most of the breeding were mostly found in condominium grounds, construction sites, common areas and other places like schools.

We can play our part as an individual in combating dengue fever by protecting yourself and your home environment from Aedes mosquito.


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1) Flower Pot Plate

Remove the stagnant water in flowerpot plate and vases on constantly or avoid using the base and loosen the hardened soil on alternate days. Besides, avoid growing plants with thick leaf axils which may trap water. Turn over the water storage containers and keep them dry, keep it away from rain.


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2) Bamboo Pole Holder

As recommended by the National Environment Agency (NEA) as a form of Dengue Prevention Method by covering bamboo pole holders after use. Rainwater can potentially accumulate in these bamboo pole holders if they are uncovered and create a habitat. Forgetting to cover pole holders after removing bamboo poles, this doubles the breeding of dengue as mosquitoes also breeds in these covers themselves as well as the HDB pole holders.


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3) Clean clogged drains

Clogged drains are among the main causes of dengue outbreaks. These clogged drains are a haven for Aedes mosquito to breed. Besides that, check roof drainage and gutters of condominium buildings, bin centres, walkways, and other buildings or structures with roof drainage.


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4) Cover your window and doors with net screens

Many Singaporeans either stay in landed property, private condominium, and the rest stay in HDB housing, making sure that each household has taken responsibility for putting in place the necessary steps to prevent Aedes mosquito from breeding is difficult. Paying a small price to have a better protection is worth to consider. This may prevent pest and flying insects from entering your house and workplace.


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5) Keep your house clean and tidy

Avoid leaving junk inside and outside the house which can possibly house mosquitoes and their eggs like old tires and other storage containers with water inside. One should also keep areas outside the house clean. Garbage should never be kept open. Inside the house, mosquitoes tend to hide underneath the bed and behind curtains. Besides using mosquito repellents, home owners should regularly clean the home. Home owners may engage professional cleaning company for regular house cleaning. Fancy to arrange a one-time trial cleaning? Contact us for cleaning schedule!



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