Floor Deep Cleaning

Floor Deep Cleaning


No matter how many times you clean your floors, but still can't get the floor cleaned at all?

In Singapore, many households prefer to install vinyl floors in their homes due to their durability, various selections, and high wearing properties. No matter how expensive the floor is, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong its service life. After a long period, the vinyl floors will look dull and lose their sheen. At KMAC, we provide a comprehensive vinyl floor deep cleaning and shield treatment service who can give a new life to your vinyl floors.

Vinyl Floor Deep Cleaning


Tile Floor Deep Cleaning


Parquet / Timber Floor Deep Cleaning


Marble Polishing-Floor Deep Cleaning


Vinyl floor deep cleaning

Floor Deep Cleaning

Adopts an advanced deep floor cleaning technology to remove all the trapped micro-organism and dust in the gaps and textured surfaces.

Protective Coating

Apply a premium protective coating on the vinyl floor to restore its shine, improve the waterproofing and extend the

Marble Floor Polishing
Marble Floor Polishing Singapore
Cleaning Marble Floors
Marble Floor Polishing - Before
Marble Floor Polishing - After
Cleaning Marble Floors - Before
Cleaning Marble Floors - After

What is Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing?

Marble stone is soft in nature, it brings a modern and rustic look to your interior house. Poor maintenance of the marble floor can lead to the accumulation of dirt, grime, and mud on the marble surface. Besides, heavy foot traffic also will damage the reflectivity of marble floors and make the surface look dull. The marble floor is not like other floors that can be cleaned with strong chemicals, marble floor is sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, we cannot use the chemical to clean during the process of marble polishing, because it will destroy your marble floor.

KMAC International is Singapore’s leading marble polishing specialist. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing professional marble polishing services for all commercial and residential units in Singapore. With the marble polishing process, the marble floors are polished and smooth without any dirt or stains accumulated on the surface. Marble polishing is the best choice for maintaining the natural shine and luster of your marble floor.

How are Marble Floors Cleaned and Polished?

Step 1: Cleaning the dust from the floors

Before we start polishing the marble floors, we will use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the garbage and dust on the floor first. Avoid sharp objects to damage the floor surface when polishing.

Step 2: Start Polishing with Polishing Powder

After removing the unwanted particles from the floors, we’ll start polishing the floor now. First, sprinkle the polishing powder evenly on the floor. Applied polishing pads to the floor scrubbing machine and start polishing on the marble floor. The process of marble polishing will be repeated for few times to make sure every part is cleaned evenly.

Step 3: Use clean water to polish one more time

After completing the powder polishing, we will apply clean water polishing. This is to remove any remaining polishing powder on the marble floor surface and make the surface smoother.

Marble polishing is very technical cleaning work, although the steps look simple and easy. It requires experienced professionals and a powerful floor scrubbing machine to complete the work efficiently and quickly. KMAC is one of the most reputed marble floor polishing companies in Singapore. We provide professional polishing services for all types of floors at the most affordable costs.

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