The Importance of Sofa Cleaning

Sofa is one of the must-have furniture for every household.

We will spend our free time sitting on the sofa to relax ourselves.

Sometimes, we might watch TV dramas while eating some snacks on the sofa, or chat with

relatives and friends on the sofa.

Over time, the sofa will gradually accumulate a lot of bacteria, food residue, etc. which will make our sofa dirty.

Are you still willing to sit on a sofa filled with a lot of germs?

Contact our team now for sofa cleaning appointment and let us maintain the pristine and cleanliness of your sofa.

Why Your Sofa Need

Deep Cleaning

Using vacuum for basic sofa cleaning just can absorb the dust on the surface, but unable to remove the bacteria and dirt completely inside the sofa.

Our deep sofa cleaning method can penetrate your sofa and then remove the harmful substances.

Remove bad smell

The odor mainly come from the sweat, urine, beverage, bacteria, germs and so on. We use the eco-friendly products to eliminate dust mites and stains.

Extend the life span of sofa

Our deep cleaning service can penetrate deeply into your sofa, which can produce a long-lasting cleaned condition of sofa.

Have a better look

We guarantee that your sofa will look fresh and brighter after completing our deep cleaning service.

What’s Included in our Sofa Cleaning Solutions?

Sofa is one of the furniture we use most frequently, so we need to keep it clean at the most. KMAC's sofa cleaning service not only can make your sofa cleaner but also prolong the service lifespan of your sofa. The following are the benefits that our sofa cleaning can bring to you:

1.Stain Removal Treatment

No matter how you clean or wipe your sofa, but still unable to remove the stains on it? KMAC's sofa deep cleaning effectively removes any remaining stains on the sofa.

2.Odours Removal Treatment

Sofa will absorb the smells over time which might cause your sofa to emit unpleasant odours. After our sofa cleaning service, all of the unpleasant odours will be removed from the sofa and leave your sofa smelling fresher for a long time.

3.Dust mites Removal Treatmen

If the sofa hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it is easy to cause the breeding of dust mites. You need to deep clean your sofa regularly to make your sofa dust mite-free.

FAQ About Sofa Cleaning

How long will it take for my sofa to dry after the cleaning?

Usually your sofa will be dry within 2-3 hours depending on the air ventilation.

Do I need to remove the sofa cover for the cleaning?

No, you don’t need to remove your sofa cover for cleaning. Because our upholstery sofa cleaning has a strong extraction function that can eliminate the accumulated dirt and dust on your sofa thoroughly without dismantling the sofa cover.

Is the cleaning solution you use toxic?

Don’t worry! The cleaning solution we use is 100% Eco-friendly & Non-toxic. Suitable for any pet environment and safe for babies.

How much does it cost for a sofa cleaning?

Our professional sofa cleaning service will quote according to your sofa size and conditions. We ensure that our price will be the most reasonable one in the market.

How often should you have your sofa cleaned?

If you have pets or kids at house, we will suggest you to do the sofa cleaning more frequently, at least twice a year. If not, maybe you can clean once a year or every 18 months.

How do I maintain cleanliness after the professional sofa cleaning?

You just need to clean or vacuum your sofa daily to maintain the cleanliness of your sofa. Then engage a professional sofa cleaning yearly to extend the lifespan of your sofa.

Our team is well-trained and professional. We will use an advanced extraction machine to extract the stains and dirt on the sofa. After our sofa cleaning, your sofa will leave a fragrance and looks new. This upholstery cleaning method won't damage your sofa at the same time can quickly remove all the odor, dust, and germs. All the cleaning products that we used are chemical-free which can protect your family and applicable to those family members with allergy.

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