In today’s #KMACstory we will share Ms Rose’s, one of our residential cleaning clients, experience of our KMAC Team.

We’ve visited Ms Rose in her beautiful residential today. Our cleaner YW has been in charge of Ms Rose’s house for more than 6 months now.

According to Ms Rose, YW is very consistent and punctual for every cleaning session, very detailed in doing the work, and understand her requirements really well.

When we asked on why would she prefer to sign with cleaning company cleaner rather than hiring the (in-house) cleaner by herself, Ms Rose explained that it’s really cut her a lot of hassle by using outsourcing cleaner because she herself doesn’t need to provide accommodation, transport, insurance, etc for the cleaners. Moreover, she also doesn’t need the house to be cleaned every day so it is not necessary to hire the in-house cleaner by herself. She also said that even though she used outsourced cleaner, it still feels as assuring as hiring a personal cleaner because the cleaner who is assigned for her is fixed (which is YW) for every session, so she does not have to re-explain her cleaning requirements over and over again.


During our visit, Ms Rose also shared a memorable experience with KMAC. She said in the past, one of the cleaners accidentally caused minor damage to her house floor. When she reported the case to the office, KMAC operation team promptly arrange a contractor to fix the damage for her. She believed that this what makes her trust KMAC services and even recommended three of her friends to be engaged with our services as well.


Before signing with KMAC, Ms Rose used to use other cleaning company services. According to her, the reason why she unsubscribed is that, unlike KMAC cleaners, the cleaner from the related company is not trained thus having difficulties to do particular house chores as required.

“I can tell from how the cleaner does its job. Your cleaner definitely has received adequate training that she can follow instructions well and do their job in a professional manner,” said Ms Rose.


So that’s all for today’s #KMACstory. We sincerely thank Ms Rose for welcoming us in her house and talk to us about her experience.

Stay tuned for another #KMACstory!


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