Difference between general cleaning and detailed cleaning

Differences Between General Cleaning And Detailed Cleaning

A lot of people will confuse about the general cleaning and detailed cleaning. However, there’s some differences between them.

This article today will give you some tips on differentiating our general cleaning and detailed cleaning. Hopefully, this article can help you to determine which cleaning service is more suitable for you.



Undergo training session


Regardless of general cleaning or detailed cleaning, all our cleaners will undergo our professional training session before starting their work. The purpose is to ensure every cleaner has the knowledge and abilities in the workplace. After the training, we will monitor their service quality through our customer feedback.


1.  Charging rate

For general cleaning, we charge based on the hourly rates. Generally, we offer three hours and four hours cleaning sessions for weekly, bi-weekly, and thrice weekly. Therefore, you are allowed to choose the number of hours based on your requirement.

For detailed cleaning, we will go by square feet. Before submitting our best price to the customer, we will go through a site survey session to calculate the cost based on the size of area.

(Remarks: Our site survey is FREE of charge)


2.  Cleaning supplies

If you booked a general cleaning session, please note that the cleaning supplies need to be provided by your side.

For a detailed cleaning session, we will supply the cleaning equipment. As we understand that our customer who choose our detailed cleaning session, they might renovate their homes and their cleaning equipment hasn’t been ready yet.


3.  Commitment period

We have a minimum one month commitment period for general cleaning.

If you’re looking for one-time cleaning, you can engage our detailed cleaning session. Our job scope of detailed cleaning will be more thoroughly, we provide a one-time detailed cleaning service for our customers.


4.  Number of cleaners

As general cleaning is considered a simple cleaning and maintenance service, we only provide one cleaner to your home.

Detailed cleaning needs more detail and requires more cleaners to complete the cleaning tasks in a specific time. Generally, we will send around 1-4 cleaners to your home depending on the size of project.


5.  Deciding to engage which cleaning service

General cleaning is a basic routine cleaning session. The cleaning job scope includes vacuuming, mopping, wiping the exterior surfaces, ironing, changing beddings, and so on.

If you would like to engage in our general cleaning session, you need to consider whether you have appropriate cleaning supplies for our cleaner to use or not.

Detailed cleaning is suitable for post-renovation, spring cleaning, move-in & move-out. If there’s a large amount of dust or mold in your home, we recommend you engage our detailed cleaning service as well. Our detailed cleaning will deep clean every corner in your home to make every surface spotless.


Now you know the differences between general cleaning and detailed cleaning session. If you’re looking for more information about our cleaning session or need our advice, feel free to contact us at any time!

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