A Guide for End of Tenancy Cleaning

A Guide for End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you’re planning to move a house after your tenancy has ended, you will have to prepare yourself to clean the house before you hand over the key to the landlord, which is the most important thing to do after the end of tenancy. The end tenancy cleaning must be done by either the tenant or the landlords before rent to the next tenant. In this article today, we will share a guide on how to get ready for the end of tenancy cleaning.

You should make sure the house is clean and the furniture is not damaged to ensure that you can get all your deposit back.  If there’s any damage to the furniture during the tenancy period, you need to make sure those items are fixed or replaced with a new one.

Moving house can be stressful, so why not thinking to hire a professional cleaning company like KMAC International to do the end tenancy cleaning? It will reduce stress and save more time for you.


During the cleaning process, you should pay attention to these points:

1. No stains, marks, mould, or scratches

2. No dust, pet hairs, or debris on the furniture

3. Remove the rubbish inside the dustbin


Pack your luggage and clear out all the excessive things

end of tenancy-clear out


Organize your belongings or move out your luggage before a cleaning session starts. For example, clear out the food inside the storage so that the cleaner can deep clean every corner of your house. Make the cleaning process more efficient and provide a deeper cleaning.



Fix any repairs and replacements

end of tenancy-repair


Make sure every piece of furniture on the checklist is still in a good condition. If you find any damaged or broken furniture, you need to repair or replace it with a new one before moving out. Repairing the furniture always will make your house dusty and messy. Therefore, you will need to get a professional to clean up.



Book a professional cleaning service

end of tenancy-professional cleaner

Pass the tough work to KMAC. KMAC has a lot of experience in doing the end tenancy cleaning works. We help you to get your deposit back in full. Besides, we enable you to spend more time on more important things instead of spending time doing the cleaning. Our advanced cleaning equipment can make your place sparkling clean and those demanding landlords satisfied.

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