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Deep Cleaning for Carpet

The material of the carpet is easy to accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria. Whether it is animal hair or accidentally spilled beverages, if it is not cleaned up immediately, these substances will accumulate in the carpet and gradually affect our health. We should vacuum frequently and do a deep cleaning for carpet regularly to extend the usage life.

We shared some tips and steps for cleaning carpets, which can help everyone to keep the carpets clean effectively at the same time to extend the life of the carpets.


Using Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning



Remove the Dust by Using Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust or hair on the carpet at first. However, vacuuming only can picking up the surface dirt.






Spot Cleaning for Carpet Cleaning



Spot Cleaning

If your spot is fresh, please immediately use a good absorbent cloth to absorb the excess liquid. Before the stain sets in, we can use soda to scrub it. If the stains have solidified, we can perform spot cleaning. Soak a clean cloth in soapy solution and scrub the stained area. Then dip the cloth in warm water and scrub the stain again. Use a hair dryer to dry the cleaned part.




Baking Soda for Carpet Cleaning



Baking Soda

Mix the baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water. Spray it on the carpet and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then use a hair dryer to dry the cleaned area. This method can remove the dust and odor from the carpet.





Make Up Remover for Carpet Cleaning



Use the Make-Up Remover

If the carpet is accidentally stained with cosmetics. You can use a clean cloth to dip the makeup remover on the cloth and apply it to the stained area.





Carpet Shampooing During Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Shampooing

Mix the warm water with baking soda and dish soap, and then sprinkle the liquid on the entire carpet. Use a brush to scrub gently on the carpet until the bubbles are formed. Then rinse with clean water and dry it after washed.

Most of the people choose to seek the help of a professional cleaning company to complete the job of carpet shampooing. Our KMAC International team provide the professional carpet shampooing service to reduce the cleaning burden on everyone.



Using Steam For Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

The most effective way to clean the carpet is to use steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method by using 170°C steam to remove the dust, dirt, and debris inside the carpet. Besides, it can eliminate the pest and allergens which is child-friendly and pet-friendly.


KMAC International, a well-trained carpet cleaning company, which use an advanced steam cleaner to help you removing the bacteria and dust quickly. Keep your family healthy in a good hygienic environment.


How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

The carpet cleaning procedure begins with a thorough assessment of the carpets to choose the most effective cleaning approach based on the kind of carpet and the level of dirt and stains. It is advisable to use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for the environment and families with children and pets. These products successfully eliminate dirt and stains without damaging carpets or indoor air quality.

Once the cleaning solution has been applied, powerful equipment is used to thoroughly clean the carpets. This device employs hot water extraction to remove dirt and debris from deep inside the carpet fibres. This procedure is gentle enough to prevent carpet damage, yet effective enough to remove even the most stubborn stains and odours.

After the carpet cleaning procedure, air movers accelerate the drying process. This helps prevent the formation of mould and mildew and expedites the carpets’ readiness for usage.


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