Five Missed Spots You Probably Forgot To Clean

Five Missed Spots

You Probably Forgot To Clean

The dirt will build up in different areas over time. Mostly we cleaned for the obvious places and items that we can see. There’re some other places you might forget to clean at your home during your home cleaning session.

Let’s take a look at five places you’re forgetting to clean now!


Ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan


The ceiling fan can generate cooling air by rotating the blades. However, the blades will collect dust and other particles over time. To keep your ceiling fan clean and free of dust, we need to clean your ceiling fan periodically. If you’re unable to reach your ceiling fan, you can hire a cleaning company to clean with an extension shaft.






Do you remember how many times you touch or lean against your walls especially in the switch areas? Dirt, stains, and germs will be easy to build up if we never clean for it. We need to wipe the walls regularly to prevent stains and dirt on the wall surfaces.




Top of cabinets



Generally, we only wipe the places that we can see. We probably overlooked the above part of the cabinet. A lot of dust will accumulate over time. This dust can affect our respiratory system and cause some respiratory diseases.





Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures


Light fixtures can spread the light from the light bulbs to brighten the whole room. Cleaning the light fixtures won’t take too much time. But if you neglect to clean the lighting fixtures, there’s a lot of dust collected on them.





Sofa Cushions

Sofa cushion


For sofa cushion cleaning, we usually clean and change a new cushion cover only. However, did you know there are some stains left on your fabric cushions? Therefore, you need to vacuum the cushion regularly to extract the dust inside the cushion. For stains, need to use upholstery cleaning to clear them. Contact our professional cleaning team to book your upholstery cleaning service for cushion now!



Above listed are the places that you many missed when you cleaned your home. If you hire a cleaner like KMAC International to clean your home, we will make sure every single surface is cleaned.


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