How to clean hardwood floor without damaging it

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

How to clean the hardwood floor without damaging it

Most of the hardwood floorings are coated with polyurethane. Over time, the hardwood flooring will get dull and dirty. We should clean and vacuum our hardwood floor weekly depending on the traffic. To keep your hardwood flooring shine and clean for a longer time, just follow the guide here to restore its shine.


What to prepare for deep cleaning the hardwood floor?

DIY cleaning solution, microfiber mop, pail, vacuum


Steps to clean the hardwood floor:

1. Create cleaning solution

cleaning solution-vinegar


Mix one cup of white vinegar and one gallon of water to create the cleaning solution. Fill this mixture solution into a pail.





2. Vacuuming the floor

vacuum floor


Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and small particles on the floor. Remember do not use a thick bristled attachment on the hardwood floor, because it will damage the finish and even leave scratches on the surface.




3. Mop the floor

mop floor


Dip the microfiber mop into the cleaning solution and spread it around the flooring. We need to replace the cleaning solution once it’s getting dirty. Try not to use the wet mop to mop the wood floor because a wet mop will cause the wood floor to swell up due to the excessive water on the wood floor surface.



4. Dry the floor

Dry floor


Use a dry mop to dry the floor or let it sit for a while to dry. Place a fan in the cleaning area to receive the blowing air and dry faster.





5. Polish and wax

polish floor



Apply the polish or wax lightly at the final step to make the floor shine.





What if there’s a scuff or scratch on the hardwood surface?

Mix baking soda with some warm water. Then use a sponge to dip this mixture and scrub on the scuff until it disappears.


The wood floor will cause the growth of bacteria. Therefore, regular cleaning can make the floor brighter and cleaner. Would like to clean the wood floor easily? Just contact KMAC International immediately!

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