Five tips to keep your home clean with pets

Five Tips To Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

Many households have pets in their homes. Pets bring us joy at the same time they bring us dirt as well. Their pet hairs, urine, droppings, feathers, etc. can be accumulated in every corner of our home. And pets occasionally carry some germs on their bodies. As a result, it is often difficult to keep a clean home after having pets. How do we keep our home clean when we have pets in our house?

Here are some tips that can help you to clean your home effectively.


1. Use vacuum cleaner

vacuum-home clean with pets


Use the vacuum to pick up the pet hair and trash on the floor. The vacuum cleaner has powerful suction which can remove excess dirt on all surfaces.





2. Clean the pet hair with a sticky roller or duct tape

Sticker roller-home clean with pets


The sticker roller is another method to remove the pet hair on the floor. It works well on the car seat and sofa as well. If you wrap the duct tape on a sponge, it can get into the corners.




3. Remove urine or vomit stains with an enzyme spray

Spray-home clean with pets


The smell of pet urine and vomit is strong and it’s very hard to remove them quickly. Apply the organic enzyme spray on the stains to remove the pet stains at the same time it can eliminate the unpleasant odors as well.




4. Changing Bedsheet

Changing bedsheet-home clean with pets


If your pets sleep in your bed, we recommend changing your bedsheet every week to prevent the accumulation of pet hairs. If you have another respiratory illness, you need to change your bedsheet more frequently.




5. Hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean regularly

Hire pro cleaner-home clean with pets


A faster way to clean your home safely and effectively is to hire a professional cleaning company like KMAC International. KMAC International uses the organic upholstery cleaning method to clean your home which is safe for pets and babies. To know more about our upholstery cleaning service, please visit our site here:



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