Cleaning tips after home renovation

Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation

When your renovator hands over your house keys, are you looking forward to moving in right away? However, when you take the first step into your new home, do you feel dusty on your feet? Not only your feet, but also all your furniture and floors are covered in thick dust and debris. What should you do now?

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This article will provide you with some cleaning tips on which areas need to be cleaned at first and how to minimize the mess after the home renovation completed.


Post-Renovation Cleaning Steps

1. Open all the windows to keep ventilated

open window-After Home Renovation


Ensure all the windows are opened and well-ventilated before you start cleaning your new home. This’s a good way to allow the fresh air in and improve the air circulation. If you’ve air filter machine at home, you can switch on to absorb the excess dust in the air as well.




2. Vacuuming and dusting everything

Vacuum-After Home Renovation


Do a dry cleaning first before using a damp cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust and debris on the surfaces such as cabinets, closets, and furniture. Remember to clean the ceiling, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exterior of aircon, windows and doors.




3. Wipe down the surface

Wipe down-After Home Renovation

Next step is to wipe and mop the surfaces. Remember only do the “wet” cleaning after “dry” cleaning. Start wiping from the top such as ceiling fan blades and light fixtures. After that, wipe down the interior and exterior of your furniture and all the decorations. Mopping the floor surface after wiping all the furniture.

For the wall, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the dust off. You can use the damp cloth to clean up as well, but you need to consider the type of paint on your wall.



Here’s a checklist for you to make sure all the renovation zones will be cleaned:

Cleaning tips after home renovation checklist



General cleaning only can remove the visible dust on the surfaces, do you know there is other dust and debris lurked inside your furniture as well?

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