How to kill the bedbugs

Kill Bedbugs in A Proper Way

Bedbugs are pests with a small size (around 5mm to 7mm) but we still can see them with the naked eye.

They multiply very fast. Bedbugs can survive for 1 year without feeding any food.

It can move across furniture, ceiling and floor especially appears on our mattresses.

When you are lying in bed, bedbugs will bite on your body and make the bitten area itchy and redness. However, bedbugs can still be got rid of.


Let’s see how to solve the problem of bedbugs’ infestation.






Step 1: Vacuum the furniture

Confirm the location of the bedbug. Once confirmed, we need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the furniture. After absorption, we need to quickly seal the contents of the vacuum and throw it away.







InsecticideStep 2: Kill the bedbugs

Rinse with hot water for 30 minutes. This method is suitable for removing the bedbugs from mattresses or clothes. After rinsing, put it in a dryer and dry for 30 minutes. Then put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days to ensure that the bedbugs are completely dead.

The second method is to use high-temperature steam to kill the bed bugs. This method is safe and effective but not every household have the steamer.

Another method to kill the bedbugs is to place a cover on the mattresses. The cover can prevent bedbugs from entering and kill the bed bus inside.

The above is some of the natural ways to kill the bedbugs. We can also choose to use some insecticides to kill the bedbugs. However, some bedbugs may be resistant to some pesticides. Besides, we can also use desiccants. Desiccant can destroy the protective coating of bedbugs, and the bedbugs will dry out and die if they lose this protective coating.



Hire PRO


Step 3: Hire professional cleaner

The most effective way to eliminate bedbugs is to contact KMAC International. Our professional cleaners will use upholstery cleaning to perform in-depth cleaning of your furniture and mattresses. It can effectively eliminate the problem of bedbugs and restore the cleanliness of your home. This cleaning method is chemical free which is safe for babies and pets.


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