Floor cleaning

Floor Cleaning

How to be a floor cleaner to remove grease on the floor

Over time, the floor will easily generate grease if we never cleaned it, especially in the restaurant kitchen.

The dust and bacteria will be stick on the surface of the greasy floor.

Greasy flooring has the risk of slipping when someone walks by.

Therefore, floor cleaning is very important to prevent the accident happened.

Now, let’s see how to remove the grease from the floor effectively.


Method 1:

Solution Ingredients:

White vinegar, liquid dish soap, washing soda and tap water.


DIY cleaning solution:

Mix ¼ cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and ¼ cup of washing soda to the bucket. After that, add 2 gallons of warm water to mix well the solution. Apply this solution to the sticky and greasy area.


Method 2:

The cleaning process of floor to remove the grease:

  1. Mix 7 liters of warm water and 300ml of bleach together
  2. Using a mop to apply on the surface of greasy flooring
  3. Scrub the floor with a stiff brush to remove grease from the floor.
  4. Mop the damp floor for about 15 minutes.
  5. Use a clean mop to rinse the mixture and dry it with the air.


Method 3:

sweeping-floor cleaningStep 1: Sweeping

Sweep away the debris such as dust, dirt, food residue, etc. on the floor.








degreaser-floor cleaningStep 2: Use a chemical degreaser

Using a chemical degreaser to remove the grease from the floor. As grease is considered one of the organic oils so degreaser will be the best solution to remove it. Before applying those degreasers, we need to use water on the surface. After spraying the degreaser, let it sit for 10 minutes. During this time, the bacteria will be broken up.






scrubbing-floor cleaningStep 3: Scrubbing

Use rigid bristles or brushes to scrub the floor before washing away the degreaser. At least scrub twice or thrice depending on the material of the floor.







mopping-floor cleaningStep 4: Rinse the floor

After scrubbing the floor, we can use a mop or wet vacuum to rinse the floor.







dry the floor-floor cleaningStep 5: Let the floor dry

You can choose to use a floor blower to let the floor dry quickly. Or else just let the ambient air dry the floor.






If you tried the floor cleaning methods above, but still unable to remove the grease on your floor. You can consider hiring a professional floor cleaner like KMAC International.  We can remove the grease from your floor quickly and efficiently. KMAC International provides different methods of flooring cleaning services such as floor scrubbing, shampooing, water jetting and so on.

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