Cleaning vinegar

A Natural Cleaning Solution – Cleaning Vinegar

While you’re using vinegar in cooking a delicious dish, vinegar works well as a cleaning product as well. Vinegar is made from acetic acid that can be the natural way to kill all the bacteria and dissolve hard-water deposits on household items.


Which type of vinegar is the best cleaning product?

There are few types of vinegar available in the market. However, cleaning vinegar has 6 percent acidity which is more effective than diluted white vinegar because cleaning vinegar contains 1 percent more acidity than diluted white vinegar. Cleaning vinegar is suitable for homes where people are sensitive to chemical products. Additionally, compared with other commercial cleaning products, cleaning vinegar is a cost-effective option.

Let’s look at how to use vinegar to clean your household furniture.


How to clean with cleaning vinegar?

Cleaning vinegar is a good product to remove the grease, dirt, and other particles on the surfaces. Before the cleaning starts, you can wear a glove to protect your skin because common vinegar contains more than 4 percent acetic acid which can erode our skin.

Depending on the spot, you can use the cleaning vinegar in an undiluted situation or mix the cleaning vinegar with water. After that, apply the vinegar solution to the sponge and wipe away the stains.


Do’s and Dont’s

Cleaning vinegar is a multipurpose cleaning product that can be used on a variety of different furniture surfaces. We can apply the cleaning vinegar for:

Do's-cleaning vinegar

  1. Cleaning the floor
  2. Removing the stains on clothes & whitening
  3. Clearing the clogged pipes or sinks
  4. Cleaning the showerheads and tubs
  5. Remove the grease and odors on countertops
  6. Wipes clean the glass and mirror
  7. Cleaning the surface of kitchen appliances such as microwave, refrigerator, etc.





However, cleaning vinegar cannot clean for every household appliance. Therefore, we list down some of the household items that cannot be cleaned by cleaning vinegar.

don't-cleaning vinegar










1. Don’t use the cleaning vinegar on the stone, marble & granite surfaces

Cleaning vinegar might break down the surface and cause the problem of cracks.

2. Not all hardwoods surfaces can use cleaning vinegar to clean

According to expert reports, cleaning vinegar works well on a certain sealed hardwood surface. However, we don’t suggest to use on the surfaces of finished and waxed wood.

3. Do not clean the electronic screens with cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar will damage the antiglare coating on the screen such as television and computer.

4. Cleaning vinegar is not suitable to clear all the stains

Cleaning vinegar cannot remove some of the stains like blood stains and ink stains.

5. Avoid using cleaning vinegar to clean the knives

Cleaning vinegar will damage the finish and leave the edge eroded on the knives.

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