4 Ways to save water during the cleaning

4 Ways To Save Water During The Cleaning

According to the research, Singapore is considered one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. However, knowing how to save and reduce the water consumption during cleaning will be more eco-friendly. Here we listed down some tips for you to save water.


Soak dirty and greasy dishes-4 Ways to save water during the cleaningSoak dirty and greasy dishes

After using the dishes, do you usually clean them directly? However, we suggest that you can soak your dirty dishes in soapy water first. Allow greasy stains and food residue to dissolve. This method can make the cleaning process more efficient and reduce water consumption.




Use buckets-4 Ways to save water during the cleaningUse buckets

Filled the water into the bucket to save water during the cleaning process. For example, we can keep a bucket of water in the sink while washing the vegetables or fruits. Besides, we advise you to switch your showering method from the shower to a bucket so that you won’t waste water consumption. While showering, you’ll need to wait for the water to warm up. Most of us will let the water run until the water gets warm, this will waste the water in this process. You can keep the water in a bucket to water your plant or clean the bathroom to prevent water wastage.



Using water-efficient appliances-4 Ways to save water during the cleaningUsing water-efficient appliances

You can consider purchasing water-efficient appliances such as a dishwasher and washing machine. According to the research, a water-efficient machine can save up to 45% more water than a regular washing machine. Besides, using a dishwasher can save up to 80% water usage more than using hand washing.



Don’t leave the water tap running-4 Ways to save water during the cleaningDon’t leave the water tap running

While brushing your teeth, do you always leave your tap running? This results in excess water being wasted. When we don’t need to use water, we must close the tap to prevent the water from running all the time. Similarly, if there’s no need to keep the tap running when washing hands, showering, washing dishes, etc.



Conserving water may seem simple, but not everyone has the awareness to practice it. The above ideas on how to save water have got you ready to make your home and your living environment more eco-friendly. Protect the earth and our home with KMAC today. Contact KMAC for professional cleaning services.

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